In the Age of Romanticism


The true story of composer Frederic Chopin and authoress George Sand’s famous pilgrimage to the Mediterranean island of Majorca during the winter of 1838. Now, brought to the screen.

“Winter In Majorca” is being presented as a unique movie adventure, inviting the Chopin lovers of the world to be part of an ambitious motion picture undertaking through crowdfunding.

“When he plays it is as if the keys of the piano were brushed by wings of an angel.”
— George Sand 


The famous feminist and authoress, George Sand, and the deeply patriotic yet timid Polish composer, Frederic Chopin, escape the cold of Paris to spend the winter of 1838 on the Mediterranean island of Majorca. 

This unlikely romantic alliance between these two ardently opposed artists is only a few months old. Chopin, 28, is six years Sand’s junior and the newest in what has been a long line of lovers for the free-thinking, free-spirited woman. Yet it is to this tentative and shy man that Sand is to fall in love. 

The romantic sojourn turns bad when rain and unseasonable cold thrusts the frail Chopin into serious illness. Ostracized by the islanders Sand and Chopin find refuge in an abandoned monastery in the mountains where, despite illness and a “pitiful piano,” Chopin composes some of his most famous pieces. But his obsessive drive, pitted against her strong will, sets the stage for a struggle of identity and independence between these two great “tragic people of genius,” and a clash of cultures between two foreign artists and a remote island people. 

This is the true story of Frederic Chopin and George Sand. Opposites attracted to each other against all odds. Their famous pilgrimage to the island of Majorca. Her gradual acquiescence to the man she loved. And the island she took him to that inspired the music that would come to define the age of romanticism. 



In order to craft this motion picture with the essential integrity the story, these important historical characters, and especially the music deserve, the filmmakers are turning to Chopin (and classical music) lovers everywhere to graciously lend their support to this amazing, and monumental endeavor; a film about Chopin — for Chopin lovers.

The recent invention of crowdfunding grants us a unique opportunity to fund this film through the global audience of Chopin admirers. The result is a film that is free to faithfully explore the story and, more critically, to allow the music that has come to define the age of romanticism to shape the film.


To find 150,000 Chopin fans to support us with a donation of $25 each (average). That goal will generate the necessary funds to produce an exquisite feature film version of “Winter In Majorca,” to be filmed in the actual location, and laced throughout with a generous soundtrack comprised solely of the music of Chopin.

In return supporters will receive a host of incentives—depending on the size of their donation—which, among other rewards, will grant them on-demand access to the finished film.

Along the way, you will be able to follow every aspect of the film’s production through regular newsletters.

You will also be invited to participate in a major event; the world premier of “Winter In Majorca,” screened simultaneously around the globe as the ultimate cinematic/music experience to be enjoyed by Chopin fans everywhere.

It all starts with 150,000 loyal Chopin fans. Are you one of them?


Mark your calendar for February 1st, 2024. This is the start of the campaign. We will provide links to the vetted crowdsourcing site where you can make the donation of your choice and be placed in our database as a prized contributor.

The campaign will run for just thirty (30) days, ending on March 1st, 2024, Chopin’s birthday. What a present that will be for him.

But we can’t do it without you, your generous support, as a donor, as well as in helping us to create awareness by sharing with all your Chopin friends.

Stay Tuned — February 1st!

— Thank You —